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Business Class Barbers For Sirs, Squires & Scallywags

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Anyone who knows us knows we are the Barbers to know.

A generational thing…blending impeccable service with enviable Haircuts passed down the line and embedded in our DNA. A haircut men who recognise quality & service.

Our Services

Price Table

Welcome to the Barbers Lounge, choose a haircut From the Barbers menu below that exemplifies your style.

Cutting Services

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Hair Cut Sir? - £18

Allow us create precision styles using our high-class blades and clippers. If you have a style in mind or need our creative advice, we are highly skilled barbers ready to work our magic with you.

NHS, Uniformed Services & Students, Mon-Wed - £16
Under 14 - £14

The Business - £21

'The Business Cut' Congratulations you have just upgraded to Business Class. Sit back and relax, prepare to be introduced to and uncompromising level of service. Choose your shampoo, a complimentary conditioning treatment. Choose your style or allow us to work with you to develop individuality that suits your lifestyle and look. Looking sharp will be all you hear from now on!

Webster and Carr House of Fade - £22

THE Fade Have a drink Sir. Your options include; High, medium or low? Bare blade or a half guard? Foiled finish or Cut-Throat-Razor ? Impeccable Sir !

NHS, Uniformed Services & Students, Mon-Wed - £16
Under 14 - £14

The Buzz (clippers everywhere!) - £13

Simply no nonsense clippers all over Sir. That's your lot ! (Not a fade)

The Hustler - £13

The back , the sides , nothing upstairs , simple and quick.

Shaving Services

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The Wishkey Save - £30

THE Whisky Shave (A totally unique experience) As the 'barba' removes the hot scented towels a fresh sanitised blade in hand we will give you something for your nerves... Lay back in the Barba's Emperor Chair warm and relaxed. The beard is softened by hot towels and pre shave treatments from Italy. Once your skin is rendered soft supple and hydrated our highly skilled Barba sets to work. Enjoy a finish from a choice of Premier Italian products from Pro-Collagen and nourishing mineral creams and exclusive Colognes.

Dig in the Grave Shave - £25

The 'Dig in the Grave' An express service that does not compromise on a smooth finish. Take the 'Dig in the Grave' and relax ...

The Beardlet - A Quick dry trim - £10

The Beardlet - just a trim not a re-style Sir Does not include a re-shape/style - just a trim of existing chops!

Luxury Beard with Line Up - £20

Beard trim inclusive of razor work, hot towels and pre shave products by Sid Sottung. (The best) oils, balms lotions and potions Sir.


Barber Shop

Shopping to rejuvenate your style or spirit Sir? We only sell what we use in store – stress tested style requisites for the most discerning Gentleman. A dash of danger mixed with a shot of handsome , from razor blades to the finest scents its all here for you Sir….

“Between the cradle and the grave lies a haircut and a shave”

Barber Carr


Professional Team

Trained by some of Europe's leading Barbers and hairdressers We hand pick the best Barbers and stylists then we train them some more, The Webster & Carr way! Expect the best Sir.

  • Barber Carr

    Barber Carr

    From the age of 12 I worked with the family Barbering Business. I developed a keen eye for quality and detail as well as an appreciation of consistent delivery of exceptional service. I honed my skills as an adult in London with senior positions in prestigious organisations Before founding Webster and Carr .

  • Barber Mimosa

    Barber Mimosa

    Greece's loss is Newcastle's gain. Expert in every aspect of male styling and grooming, check out my reviews... you won't be disappointed.

  • Barber Allan

    Barber Allan

    With a keen eye for detail and a passion for the craft, specialising in making any beard or whiskers look magnificent.