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Shopping to rejuvenate your style or spirit Sir? We only sell what we use in store – stress tested style requisites for the most discerning Gentleman. A dash of danger mixed with a shot of handsome , from razor blades to the finest scents its all here for you Sir….

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Anyone who knows us knows we are the Barbers to know.

A generational thing…blending impeccable service with enviable Haircuts passed down the line and embedded in our DNA. A haircut men who recognise quality & service.


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Welcome to the Barbers Lounge, choose a haircut From the Barbers menu below that exemplifies your style.

Cutting Services

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The Haircut or fade by webster and Carr

Set your hair goals and let us preform. You decide. Faded sides, all scissors we can do the lot Sir! Styled with THE BEST including a wash, top level fragrances and complimentary drink.

The Luxury haircut or fade

If you fancy a change, or you prefer a longer more LUXURY appointment, then this is the one for you. Getting your style just how you like it. Clippers &scissors, we'll use what you prefer. Hot Towels/Head Massage/Premium Luxury products/Cologne

The One Grade

Clippers all over. Razored neckline and side burns. Quick rinse at the basin using our refreshing TEA TREE finished with our finest fragrance range!

Close Shaves

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The Luxury Beard

Enjoy a masculine and indulgent beard treatment. Leaving you looking handsome and feeling dangerous.Included; During this relaxing treatment, our experts will shave your neck and cheeks with an open razor using a variety of highly prized artisan products and steaming hot towels.

Dig in the Grave Shave

The 'Dig in the Grave' An express service that does not compromise on a smooth finish. Take the 'Dig in the Grave' and relax ...

The Whiskey Shave

THE Whisky Shave (A totally unique experience) As the 'barba' removes the hot scented towels a fresh sanitised blade in hand we will give you something for your nerves…. Lay back in the Barba's Emperor Chair warm and relaxed.

Luxury packages

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The Presidential - Do not Disturb

Includes, detailed consultation and head mapping with senior hair editor own Private Area. Premium drink. Paul Mitchel treatment. Head Massage. Cut&finish. Hot towel facial using Zingari and feather razor shave or line up & 30% product discounts on the day.

The Lock Stock & Barrel

Included - premium refreshments. In depth consultation with Master Barber. Haircut including wash&cleanse by Paul Mitchel Tea Tree. Shave using artisan products and after shave face mask.

“Between the cradle and the grave lies a haircut and a shave”

Barber Carr


Professional Team

Webster & Carr is unique in the barbering space. ALL of our Stylists undergo rigorous training with the Senior Team. Even if your regular Barber isn’t available you will ALWAYS receive a hair cut and standard of service that Webster & Carr demands.

The education team is made up of truly unique stylist’s. They hold Masters in Colour & Cutting and Degrees in Education and are all multiple award winning masters of the scene. There is consistent investment in education that means our team is always set to deliver cutting edge trends and reach our exemplary standards, just see our reviews.

Barber Carr